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These by-products of the oil industry have to be handled very carefully. They are chemical products derived from petroleum or other hydrocarbon materials. Some chemical compounds that originate from petroleum may also be produced from coal and/or natural gas. However, petroleum is the major source. Materials derived from petroleum include ethylene, polyethylene, ethanol, and propylene.

The largest petrochemical industries are located in the USA and Western Europe, although Asia and the Middle East are growing in terms of their production capacity.

The use of standard, high temperature and Nickel alloys is widespread throughout the petrochemical industry. They all have particular applications, i.e. temperature, pressure, strength, anti-corrosion properties, pitting resistant properties and so on. The alloys in general use include C276, 625, 718, 904L, 400, Duplex, Super Duplex, 6MO, 600, 825, alloy 20.

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