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The semi-conductor industry is a relatively new industry. It gives us microchips that are the brains, or controllers, in many everyday items. From microwaves to desktop computers, to mobile phones, cookers, cars and many, many more applications. As the technology becomes more advanced the demands on manufacturers to produce ever better components gets higher.

This industry has high demands for excellent surface finishes on fittings. The production of microchips and micro-processors is done in a 'clean' environment. The slightest spec of foreign matter can ruin a production run. The surface finish on fittings has to be of high quality. 316 stainless steel lends itself perfectly to this as do other Nickel alloys. The high quality finish ensures no partical entrapment enabling the production of fault free processors. As the technology advances the use of alternative materials means the differing alloys used in the production is growing. Alloy 625, C276, Titanium, alloy 400 are all used in differing areas of this industry.

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